Candycam (Work in progress)

These tintype (wetplate collodion on black coated metal surface) photographs made with candy box as a pinhole camera and the coated metal surface too. In other words they are one shot instant cameras. You can use them as a regular…

Like Vampire Bats

It is always interesting to me showing you something that you can normally never see. The perception of the human eye is limited to a narrow range of the wavelength of electromagnetic waves called light. But we can translate the intensity of the infrared rays into a black and white photograph to see the world similar like vampire bats perceive.

Fairground Portraits

I've made a weekend wetplate collodion portrait session on Artbázis (Budapest) where I invited my photographer buddies. I've made 17 portraits during this two days, one photograph from each friend (25 minutes each including the shot and development), like in the ancient times in the fairs.

16th February

This project is not only about how things look like two days after Valentine's day, how love fading away if we not take care of it, but very personal too. Making this project helped me to process the lost of the love and bury my dreams.