This photograph was made by this tiny candy box as a #pinhole camera. The image was created with #wetplate #collodion process #tintype on the inside.

Or Worse (Feb 16th)

Did you ever face with, how things look like two days after Valentine’s day? Did you realized, how easily feelings, like love, can fade away? This project–originally named Feb 16th.–has been formed almost two years ago, and we had a…

DIY Universal Shutter Release for Long Exposures

If you are a #DIY #pinhole guy, you might have thought on what shutter suits your needs best. It could be a piece of black adhesive tape and although, it is good for many occasions, I need something sophisticated...

Testing the New Camera

Yesterday, I’ve made a test shot with my new 12×12 wetplate camera, tailored to my needs by Argentum Camera Manufacture. I’m pretty satisfied with the result.