DIY Universal Shutter Release for Long Exposures

If you are a DIY pinholer, you might have thought on what shutter suits your needs best. It could be a piece of black adhesive tape and although, it is good for many occasions, I want something sophisticated…

First of all, I need a mechanical shutter that can fit all of my pinhole cameras and second, because I’m lazy, I need a shutter release system that can expose long time without any interaction. Much better if that is able to metering the light and correct the exposure with Schwarzschild effect compensation.

Therefore I’m working on a 3D printed universal pinhole shutter and Arduino based smart system that is able to operate a regular mechanical shutter release cable. In that way, the system could be used with the pinhole shutter and almost all the oldest film cameras, that could be great if you shoot long exposures with ND or infrared filter.

Now you can set the exposure time manually and you can see the exposure countdown on the screen. The next step would be the design and print of the case of mechanical shutter release operated by a servo motor. Stay tuned for more…

Prototype of the Arduino based remote shutter release controller.
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