Why Pinhole

I’m interested in all kinds of photography. I love to shoot film, trying out ancient techniques like wet plate collodion photos, cyanotype prints, and I also use digital. Every method has it’s own pros and cons, so you have to know the tool and what you can expect from it. Let’s take a look why […]

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No. 27 – Unicum Camera Images

This picture was taken with a pinhole camera made from the gift box of a famous Hungarian spirit, called Unicum in a 10×15 photographic paper. Find more Unicum Camera Image in the House Portraits portfolio session. The Shoes on the Danube Bank is a memorial in Budapest, Hungary. Conceived by film director Can Togay, he […]

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No. 19. – Unicum Camera Images

Purchased in 1892 and rebuilt in 1894 as a photo studio, the Mai Manó House used to be the home and workplace of Manó Mai, the former imperial and royal court photographer of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Hungarian House of Photography can be found here today. This picture was taken with a pinhole camera made […]

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