#wetplatecollodion image inside a candy box used as a #pinhole camera. #pinholephotography #tintype


#wetplatecollodion image inside a candy box used as a #pinhole camera. #pinholephotography #tintype


This photograph was made by this tiny candy box as a #pinhole camera. The image was created with #wetplate #collodion process #tintype on the inside. … Continue readingBugac

Or Worse (Feb 16th)

Did you ever face with, how things look like two days after Valentine’s day? Did you realized, how easily feelings, like love, can fade away? This project–originally named Feb 16th.–has been formed almost two years ago, and we had a joint exhibition with Kriszta Németh … Continue readingOr Worse (Feb 16th)

Giant pinhole

We’ve transformed our accommodation into a a giant pinhole camera.

Testing the New Camera

Yesterday, I’ve made a test shot with my new 12×12 wetplate camera, tailored to my needs by Argentum Camera Manufacture. I’m pretty satisfied with the result.

Concrete I.

We was on a shoot last weekend. I used a 4×5 inch Argentum Camera and during the setup a biker stopped at me, said: “Nice view camera.” and went away. I hope I shoot a nice photo, too. Here it is.


Yesterday, I’ve framed some of the cyanotype contact prints of the Deep East series that you might already seen here. In case you are interesting how to optical center an image in mat, I recommend this article.