Fine Tuning Preview Size for Your Monitor – Lightroom Quick Tip

If you are working mostly with landscapes you can save a lot of hard disk space if you set the Preview size to Standard at import. Lightroom creates a smaller preview in this case and it processes the details only when you zoom in. The factory setting of the Standard Preview is 1440px but if you are using retina or a 4k display you need to bigger standard preview.

Just go to Edit > Catalog Settings menu and in the File Handling tab you can find the Standard Priview Size dropdown. Set it to 1680 pixels or 2048 pixels to a full HD and 2880 pixels for a retina or 4k monitor.


Controlling sliders by using keyboard – Lightroom Quick Tips

This is a sexist tip, only for male. I realized, females used to drag the sliders in Lightroom while the picture looks best, but guys always want the values to be round. Values like 79 bother us, 80 looks much better isn’t it?

If you like the values divisible with 10 (or the exposure correction in 1/3 or 1/10 step) this tip is for you. Just click on the slider and use the arrow key for smaller or hold Shift key while pressing the arrows if you need bigger steps.